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Cape Town,

South Africa

January 17 - 26, 2020

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

February 15 - 23, 2020

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Sri Lanka

April 10-18, 2020

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May 22 - 31, 2020

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Tibetan Plateau

May 22 - 30, 2020

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Rwanda 2019.png


June 2020

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October 2020

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Souljourn Yoga
is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit inspired by seva, the Sanskrit word and yogic principle of selfless service. We raise awareness and funds for girls education in lesser economically developed countries (LEDCs) by teaming up with both local and international non-profits. We create opportunities to explore, practice, and educate through yoga both on and off of the mat by offering a spectrum of workshops, teacher immersions, and global retreats to continue to promote female empowerment and education in communities where equal opportunities aren't always readily available.

People have different spiritual practices across the planet, it might be yoga and it might be different, but it’s through the community and  “union” that we are able to connect. We co-design retreats with our partner organizations on the ground by weaving in local practices of tradition, meditation, and movement so that it’s culturally contextual experience of equality, not hierarchy.

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We thrive off your support + every cent counts!