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  • We advocate education for all - especially girls’ education on LEC’s (Lesser Economically Developed Countries)
  • We volunteer our time and put our energy into working towards a greater good that’s bigger than us and our personal goals.  We are inspired by the yogic concept of “seva” which is sometimes defined as doing a service in the world without the desire of personal gain or recognition.  We’re steeped in the mood of waking up each morning and thinking “What can I do to help in this world?” as opposed to “What can this world do to help me?”
  • We volunteer our time to host or co-host events and workshops with a focus on educating attendees on the issues surrounding girls’ education across the globe and what we’re doing to help.
  • We volunteer our time to lead yoga retreats as a service to the girls and we educate those on our retreats about the country’s issues with educating women and how an education can help the country overall.
  • When we aren’t leading a retreat, we’re working with our fellow team members as a participant on their retreats or in their workshops and events to continue to keep our community inspired.
  • We’re informed and educated on our “sister organizations” and their issues and challenges. We will provide you with on-going information and updates, so please ask our team members any questions!
  • We are a voice for those lacking and a leader for global gender equality.

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