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For every participant going on a Souljourn Yoga Retreat, $300-500 of the total amount of the cost of retreat will be donated directly to the participating girls organization that we will be meeting, embracing, and learning about on our trip abroad.

Souljourn Yoga's commitment is to match every $300-500 donation. It is our goal to provide no less then $5,000 to the non-profit that we are visiting.

With your help, we will be able to meet that goal. Every donation, no matter how big or small, is greatly needed and appreciated. Please help us to build a generation of educated and empowered young women across the globe.


Read about our affiliated programs and donate for a good cause today!

Rukmini Foundation: Empowerment Through Education

From Rukmini: We are working with a few different partner schools as part of the scholarship program. However, the scholarship covers more than just tuition. It covers our mentoring program as well as health & wellness programs.

One of our partner schools is a community based school, which is one of the best in the area. In this school, we provide tuition, books, uniforms, book bags, and the other programs as mentioned. The other schools we partner with are government schools so the tuition is paid for by the government, but we take care of the uniforms, books/book bags, supplies, etc. as well as the other programs.

The cost to support one girl with our main partner school is $300 / year. Basically, for less than a $1 a day we can keep a girl in school. For the government schools, the cost is $100 / year, but the quality of education is not as great.

Anju Theeng: Scholar Instead of a Child Bride

A Day in the Life. Susmita's Difficult Journey for Education

We hope these videos will do a good job of getting the message across. Please take a look and find a way to donate today! If this is not cost effective for you at the moment, no problem, feel free to share on social media to at least get the message out there. We truly believe in this cause and would love any help we can get!

Sacred Valley Project: Improving Access to Education

The Sacred Valley Project is a non-profit organization based in Ollantaytambo, Peru dedicated to improving access to education for young women from low-income families in remote, mountain communities of the Sacred Valley. Our mission is to provide safe and nurturing  accommodation, educational resources and nutritious meals for these young women so that they may continue their secondary education and become knowledgeable and empowered women. 

 She's the First Scholar Mariela in Peru. (Photo by Kate Lord)

The Sacred Valley Project makes secondary education possible for young, indigenous women from mountain communities who otherwise would not have this option. Education for women is an especially important investment as the benefits impact future generations and families. Female education is proven to have a substantial impact on reducing poverty. Studies show that an educated woman is more likely to have a smaller and healthier family, a stronger voice in family negotiations and the ability to advocate for herself and her children.



The Girls Home

The Girls Home is a home for girls who have been mistreated, abused, raped, or their carers struggle to provide for them as they themselves may have been affected by a life of drug addiction or prostitution. It is run by an order of nuns called Madre Ablertina. They are brought to the home by the social services or the nuns themselves.

The girls follow a definite structure to the day, cleaning and washing clothes early in the morning and then school. The schooling is outside the home, which means the girls do not become institutionalised. The nuns teach them, beside religious education, how to fend for themselves with basic life skills ranging from sewing to washing their clothes to cooking. The nuns treat them firmly but kindly and the girls enjoy the security the Hogar offers.

There is little government funding for the Hogar and it survives with random donations from USA, Germany and UK. The home has now grown and offers more facilities for the girls, due to more donors on board.