What is a Souljourn Yoga Retreat?

Our retreats were inspired by the Sanskrit word “Seva” – in some traditions this translates as “selfless service” or we can also think about it was attempting to live a lifestyle where we wake up in the morning and think “What can I do for this world to better it today?” as opposed to “What is this world going to do for me?”  Our retreat leaders are volunteers who are inspired to make a positive impact by empowering girls with an education. On a Souljourn Yoga retreat, you will see the sights, take part in adventures, practice yoga daily, and experience the beauty of the county. Souljourn Yoga always partners with a local non profit in the country we visit that’s empowering girls with an education by either building dorms or schools. A portion of your retreat payment will be donated to the non-profit and we will always have one or more opportunities to visit the girls. This gives you the chance to see where your tax-deductible donation is going and to deepen your connection to the country we visit.

How do I sign up?

Your spot is held once you pay your non-refundable deposit and sign an agreement.

Do I need to be good at yoga?

There’s no such thing as being good or bad at yoga!  Our yoga instructors are some of the most sought after, skilled, and highly trained instructors in their communities.  Whether you’re a total beginner, or a yogi looking to deepen your ongoing practice, you will be able to partake in all of the yoga classes.  Yoga is also totally optional and never mandatory. Often, we also offer breath work, meditation, and restorative classes as well.

What should I bring?

We always provide you with a packing list as well as a “Things to Know” document before you go.

Do I have to stay with the group?

We tend to have very active, organized retreats and sometimes have guides who show us the cities or take us on hikes.  During these organized activates, it’s important to stay with the group for safety purposes. If we go somewhere as a group, we stay with the group.  On some retreats, there will be opportunities to choose your own adventure, spend some time in local bars and clubs, or use your free time however you’d like.

What’s included and not included?  Are flights included?

Each retreat has a specific list of what is and is not included.  Please visit each retreats specific page to view all details. You always book your own flight at your own discretion. Please note that Souljourn Yoga is not responsible for cancelled flights, covering your flight in the very rare event that the retreat is cancelled, or if your flight is delayed.  We suggest purchasing insurance.

How about airport transfers?  Are those included?

Before the retreat, you will always send us your flight information and a driver will pick you up from the airport and take you to our first destination. This first transfer as well as your transfer from our last destination back to the airport, is included.  If you decide to arrive early, stay late, or if your flights are cancelled or delayed, you are responsible for your own airport transfers/taxis.

Can I use money from my home country?

Before you leave, we will let you know what the country’s currency is so you can have an opportunity to exchange money.  There are usually ATMs at the airport upon arrival. Please remember to take enough money for tips and souvenir.

Do I need travel insurance?  Is it included in my retreat price?

Yes.  You must purchase travel insurance.  It’s not included in the retreat price.  We use Travel Guard.

Is the deposit refundable?

Your deposit is non-refundable, however in the event that you need to cancel, we will donate your deposit to the non-profit we are working with at our destination and provide you with a tax-deductible letter.

When is the final payment due?

Your final payment is due one month before the retreat start date.

Waiver of Liability + Participant Agreement

I recognize that I am participating a yoga retreat with Souljourn Yoga during which I will receive information and instruction about yoga.  I also recognize that, depending on the retreat; I will be involved in physical activities and adventure-sports. I recognize that yoga and other activities on the retreat require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved.

I agree to pay my non-refundable deposit (which serves as the donation to Souljourn Yoga’s partnering non-profit) to hold my spot and to pay my full remaining balance before or on the due date.

I agree to purchase my own traveler’s insurance

I agree to read the full itinerary provided online and agree to adhere to the retreat schedule, as well as acknowledge that any additional expenses, including delayed or canceled flights, cab rides and car service costs that aren’t on itinerary (or are needed due to flight complications), are my own responsibility and will not be covered by Souljourn Yoga

I acknowledge that Souljourn Yoga is not responsible for my flight reimbursement in the rare event that a retreat is cancelled. Please be aware that we have a minimum number of participants required in order to operate a retreat. We will keep you informed as to our progress in reaching the minimum number. If you purchase a plane ticket prior to reaching the minimum number, Souljourn Yoga cannot be responsible for refunding any plane tickets purchased in the event the retreat does not run. If the retreat does not run, at your choice, Souljourn Yoga will either refund your deposit, apply it to a future retreat or donate it to one of the organizations we support.

I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and after this retreat with Souljourn Yoga regarding my participation.  I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and have no medical condition that would prevent my full participation in retreat activities.

I understand that Souljourn Yoga instructors will sometimes physically adjust me during my yoga sessions.  If I do not want such physical adjustments, I will inform the instructor at the beginning of our sessions. I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to inform my instructor when an adjustment has gone as far as I desire at the time and I will not hold the Souljourn Yoga instructor responsible for any injury caused by, or thought to be caused by, their adjustments. I will also inform the Souljourn Yoga instructors of any physical conditions or limitations I have prior to the retreat.

I understand that I may be photographed during the retreat. I agree to allow my photo or video to be used for any purpose by Souljourn Yoga or any of Souljourn Yoga’s partners or sponsors.

In consideration of being permitted to participate in this retreat with Souljourn Yoga, I assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries, or damages, known or unknown, which I might incur as a result of participating in this retreat.  In further consideration of being permitted to participate on this retreat, I knowingly, voluntarily, and expressly waive any claim I may have against Souljourn Yoga for any injury or damages that I may sustain during or as a result of participating.

I understand that Souljourn Yoga is not responsible for any lost or stolen items

I, my legal heirs or representative forever release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue Souljourn Yoga for any injury or death caused by their negligence or other acts.

I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents.  I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above. I am over 18 years of age.

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