On the ground


Teacher Training

In June 2019 we launched our first ever "On the Ground" Yoga Teacher Training Program in Rwanda with our partner organization, Komera.

By training 9 members of the staff and facilitators from Komera, the women were then able to teach their teen mom population and primary school students yoga without having to rely on volunteers to come in and lead classes. Not only did the participants learn about the physical yoga practice such as the shapes and sequencing, but also meditations, breathing techniques, as well participated in a series of self-care workshops such as journaling, writing, and art, not only for themselves, but for their communities at large. Souljourn Yoga's goal to offer our training globally to more NGO’s and organizations so that they can become empowered by becoming yoga teachers themselves and adapt the practice to suit their communities and populations. With your support, Souljourn Yoga can continue to grow and expand our teacher training programs to women around the world.