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Jordan ashley

While embracing New York City’s fast-paced yoga culture, Jordan Ashley recognized a need for a more service-based practice; a need for experiences which give perspective to the self through selflessness.

Feeling extremely blessed to not only be given the opportunity for education but to have a voice in society, she felt it was imperative to raise both awareness and funds for girls all over the planet who are denied such essential human rights.

Drawing on her experience of travel and being a full-time yoga teacher, she created Souljourn Yoga as an avenue for the practitioner who wants more than just "down dog" and to expand the need for equal education across the globe.

Souljourn Yoga takes the yoga practice both on and off the mat to expose, challenge, and reflect on the personal and global journey to inspire positive change. By teaming up with yoga teachers from around the world, Souljourn Yoga is dedicated to raising global compassion and peace.

Jordan Ashley first had a taste of global seva (Sanskrit word meaning selfless service) when she completed two study abroad programs. The first in Siem Reap, Cambodia where she taught English and women's self-empowerment through the Ponheary Ly Foundation. The other in Dharamsala, India where she lived with a Tibetan family and studied the community in diaspora.

Between completing her 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training, Jordan uprooted to Southeast Asia where she worked as a reporter focusing on NGO coverage for the Phnom Penh Post and also worked as a journalist in Bangkok, Thailand.

She is an activist, writer, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. When she's not traveling, Jordan splits her time between New York and London with her dog, Maya..

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