"What a wonderful week in Nicaragua! Beautiful accommodation, wonderful people, amazing yoga, and it was truly uplifting and special to spend time with the girls at UP Nicaraga - protecting a girl through education and mentorship – this was the organization Souljournyoga supported on this trip. A truly unforgettable seven day experience."

-Linzi Glass


"This experience was life changing. I had never gone on a yoga retreat and one night during a session with my life coach she said it sounds like you need to book a trip to have that excitement to look forward to. At that exact moment I remembered something! Stacey Clark! One of my dearest friends in childhood had been posting on Facebook about a book she had written about 3 years back, I immediately purchased the book since it was so cool to know someone who had published a book. While reading it I discovered that my friend from 5 - 15 years old had more in common than I ever could imagined. After falling in love with her book we begin talking. We met up over the summer for a lovely picnic in her Brooklyn neighborhood, there she told me all about her yoga retreats and the one coming up with Souljourn in January. I said I would try to go with no real intention of going…

Well flash back to that night with my coach, and I grabbed my computer and without reading the information or itinerary I booked the retreat and paid in full, there was no backing out now! I begin communicating with Alison whom I knew nothing about, since I didn’t read anything. After that it was back to work and every time I would be stressed I would just look up at my calendar to see Namaste Nica on my wall. The day finally arrived and I was off to Nicaragua, there were some bumps along the way (literally and figuratively) I may have missed my flight, which showed me how much I needed this escape. When I arrived at our amazing home for the next few days I felt like I had been transported to heaven.

And then the retreat began! I met Jordan and Alison and we were off to explore and enjoy our journey. For someone who does yoga about 4 times a week I thought I knew it all, these ladies showed me how much deeper yoga can go and how it can raise emotions.

Over the course of the retreat I was having a big challenge letting go of work and checking emails. There were some practices I spent crying on my mat, everyone was there to support and love me. As if the yoga and the scenery wasn’t amazing enough we then traveled to Granada where we met with up education. I will be the first to admit that I am not what you would call a “kids” person but I couldn’t believe the love I felt for these amazing young ladies. The experience playing with them and showing them yoga poses was incredible. Just thinking that a few hours of our day and a little bit our our money could help go such a long way for them is inspiring.

Soujourn has combined the 3 loves of my life….Travel, Charity and Yoga!"

-Loni Paige


“I could fill an entire journal with all of the wonderful moments I experienced on my Namaste Nica yoga retreat to Support Girls Education in Nicaragua.

I want to thank the following women for a week thoughtfully planned and perfectly executed: Jordan Ashley @Souljourn Yoga, Alison Riazi and a special thanks to Stacey Clark at My Alma Retreats in perfectly planning our experience.

I am in awe of the 3 women who led this retreat, and I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to learn from the people devoted to UPNicaragua and their mission in empowering young women in Granada.

Spending the afternoon with these young girls, students at UP Nicaragua, was a profoundly meaningful and life changing experience for me. Through playful yoga, games filled with laughter, and small group “interviews” where we learned a little bit more about these amazing young women, made my visit more personal and memorable.

So even though this was more than just a yoga retreat, I must comment on the actual yoga practice during our retreat. Jordan and Alison guided us in the early morning and at sunset in a beautifully choreographed vinyasa flow focused on the chakra system. For me, learning about the chakras and how they were relatable to my experience that week was personal and profound. I returned home refreshed, calm and strong.

Lastly, I want to comment on our final day in Nicaragua. Our adventure took us up into the hills of Esteli where we traveled to Miraflor to learn about an inspiring rural community that provides a mobile library, benefiting 11 schools and 700 children, as well as supporting organic kitchen gardens through supplying seeds, training and micro-financing. This last day rounded out a most memorable week.

My heart is filled with gratitude.”

-Cindy Riazi


"I cannot speak highly enough about this transformative experience to Nicaragua. Jordan plans the most unique trip fusing together relaxation for the mind and body with an immersive cultural experience giving back to the local communities. I feel refreshed and inspired and cannot wait to sign up for my next retreat!"

- Erica Lubetsky


"A wonderful experience with amazing people. I had the time of my life and can't wait for the next one. Souljourn is an awesome foundation and their retreats combined with the trip to girls home and education in Nicaragua made it truly unbelievable."

- Jenna Antine


"I cannot speak highly enough about this transformative experience to "Truly an epic adventure. In the Andes, every day brings ever more breathtaking landscapes, but we also had the special opportunity to meet and interact with the people of this amazing country, especially the girls of the Sacred Valley Project who are getting the education they so richly deserve."

- Steven Kleinman


"From the moment I arrived in Nicaragua I felt a sense of comfort and calm for the retreat that was before me. Stacey from My Alma Retreats coordinates a flawless series of logistics; myself and a handful of other retreat goers were pleasantly escorted to an incredibly villa on the pacific coast of Nicaragua for our first few days of retreat and recharge. Jordan and Allison led our group into several morning and evening yoga sessions that were mindfully choreographed and guided our group through the chakra system, element by element. Our days were blissful and entirely up to us how we wanted to spend them. We were spoiled by our fabulous personal chef who cooked amazing, colorful, nutrient and flavor rich meals three times a day. We headed into Granada midweek to give back to the local community through a heartfelt and fulfilling engagement with the young girls of UP Nicaragua; a philanthropic initiative to education the girls of inner city Granada on healthy and sustainable vocational options for their future. To say it was moving is an understatement; we hugged, conversed, practiced yoga, and shared empowering motivation to encourage them to continue striving for their dreams. We finished the week in the absolutely breathtaking countryside on a mineral rich, warm, inverted volcano lake, at Laguna Apoyo. Yoga sessions took place on a platform perched just above the lake, at sunrise and sunset, with the sounds of nature offering support and serenity; a truly majestic experience. Our final adventure took us into the city of Esteli, where we learned about the rich culture of farming; tobacco, Coffee and coco, that sustains the rural communities of Nicaragua. We donated books to the library bus initiative, offering mobile literacy for the rural communities of northern Nica. The experience was transformative, energizing, relaxing and majestic. I highly recommend for any adventurous spirit seeking a way to connect to culture, connect to your higher self, and give back in ways that are deeply moving. Flawlessly planned and executed by Stacy of My Alma Retreats. Flawlessly energized by Allison and Jordan."

- Delia Jesaitis

"I had an AMAZING time there and the experience was rewarding and life-changing. I'm so glad I was able to spend time with the girls of the Sacred Valley Project and learn more about Peruvian culture. I'm truly grateful for you founding Souljourn Yoga and facilitating a way to empower and unify girls around the world through yoga."

- Mikel Davis