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Teach with us



This is a great way for new teachers to find a way to get practice or for more seasoned pros to give back.
Approach a studio (hopefully one you're associated with, but maybe not) and ask them if there is any time the studio is sitting empty. Ask if they would be willing to donate the space for an hour to offer donation community yoga classes which raise money for a great cause. Point them to our website and give them our contact information. We'd love to explain to them how making yoga accessible to people of all incomes while providing experience to teachers and raising
money for great causes is a great use of their space.

If this sounds like something you might want to do, contact us. We can help you with drafting emails, scheduling,
and promotional materials. We're happy to give you advice about making your class the best it can be. In addition we'll lay out the way the donation system works and list you on our website as an awesome and great contributor!